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Author Topic: Coolstream Official HD-2 Hardware(Apollo) Images  (Read 1151 times)
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« on: February 04, 2014, 08:52:40 PM »

03.02.2014 neues original Coolstream Image online 2.13

03.02.2014 - Version 2.13 RELEASE
 * add persistent /var partition, now all settings preserved when new image flashed
 * file player: improved mkv and avi playback
 * audio player: add support for AAC codec
 * EPG scan now do rescan every 24 hours
 * Many fixes and improvments

 To switch between the Standard Menu and the Simplified Menu, press
 MENU button on your RCU, then press "STOP" button on PVR control section,
 follow the on-screen guidance (input pin 0000), then choose YES to reboot your device.

 ATTENTION: Only through the Standard Menu you can experience the full functions of Neutrino HD
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Kathrein UFS-913,Mara M9,Coolstream NEO2,CT 4100HD PLus(on the road)
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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 09:11:29 PM »

Neutrino and Driver Update  02.02.2014

Jacek Jendrzej CTimerd:: enlarge recorddir and pluginname size next-cc
M. Liebmann CTimerList: Fix commit f2fccc6 (THX Houdini)
[CST] Focus gui/imageinfo.cpp: honor screen setup values
Jacek Jendrzej CKeyValue:: -fix get current name , fix -Wconversion...
M. Liebmann CTimerList: Add lua plugins to plugin selection
M. Liebmann CMenuForwarder: Fix options handling
martii gui/timerlist: fix display of channel name
M. Liebmann CFlashExpert::checkSize: Fix display backupMaxSize...
[CST] Focus gui/movieplayer.cpp: fix stalled old speed display...
[CST] Focus gui/infoviewer.cpp: update movieplayer position also...
[CST] Focus gui/movieplayer.cpp: for timeshift started in rewind...
[CST] Focus driver/record.cpp: dont show menu after timeshift stop...
[CST] Focus gui/cam_menu.cpp: handle CA_MESSAGE_MSG_CHANNEL_CHANGE msg
[CST] Focus neutrino.cpp: add zapTo(), reuse common code for zap...
M. Liebmann Fix display volumebar when channellist is visible
M. Liebmann CLuaMenuForwarder: Fix error msg
Jacek Jendrzej webif standby -add option CEC standby off (dont use...
svenhoefer - CLuaInstance::MenuAddItem: add 'next' and 'cancel...
Jacek Jendrzej supplement to 4be0273083a05e79028056f0bee87033fd785f2a...
Jacek Jendrzej mSHTDCNT init var
Jacek Jendrzej -fix CMenuDForwarder option change
[priv] M. Liebmann helpers.cpp: fix find_executable
[CST] Focus driver/framebuffer.cpp: try to load icons first from...
svenhoefer - CLuaInstance::MenuAddItem: separation of "separator...
Jacek Jendrzej -add webif option dont use CEC with standbyoff
Stefan Seyfried sectionsd: don't hardcode ntpdate and ntpd path
Stefan Seyfried helpers: add a function to find an executable in $PATH
Thilo Graf CBookmarkManager: init bookmarksmodified in constructor
Thilo Graf revert cd5fd9dab3a64d7cb5f8631921b6525b5219da6c
M. Liebmann Fix segfault in eventlist
M. Liebmann Fix compiler warnings (-Wconversion)
striper - rewrite Lua handling
Thilo Graf CComponentsHeader: cleanup
Thilo Graf CComponentsWindow: cleanup
Thilo Graf CComponentsWindow: adapt header and footer corners...
Thilo Graf CComponents: rework some debug outputs
Thilo Graf CComponentsWindow: add member doCenter()
Thilo Graf CComponentsWindow: rework constructors, add CComponents...
Thilo Graf CComponentsHeader: rework constructors, add CComponents...
Jacek Jendrzej supplement to 8652b5c925cd1dfa7117cf8bc0199f8a968da6fa
Jacek Jendrzej CNFSMountGui::menuEntry -fix init type (thx Gaucho316)

Kathrein UFS-913,Mara M9,Coolstream NEO2,CT 4100HD PLus(on the road)
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